The 5280 Loop Re-Envisions Connecting Communities around Denver

Imagine if underutilized roads throughout downtown could be transformed into a world-class, pedestrian and bike-friendly trail with park-like features that connect Denver's diverse neighborhoods and people together.

The 5280 Loop is re-envisioning the way people get around downtown Denver -- and also the way communities connect.

“We’re definitely thinking about what makes sense for Denver,” said Adam Perkins, Downtown Denver Partnership’s senior manager of urban planning, and project manger for the 5280 Loop, told Confluence Denver. “Nothing has really been done quite like this before.”

The Square on 21st -- a pop-up park that launched June 15 and ends on Aug. 15 -- provides a preview of what the 5.280-mile loop could look like. 

Next, the Downtown Denver Partnership will hold a series of community visioning workshops in August, followed by community planning workshops September.

“We want to make sure we’re celebrating each of the districts that it goes through,” Perkins said. “So when you’re in Golden Triangle, you know you’re in Golden Triangle. When you’re in Ballpark, you know you’re in Ballpark. I think working with the community we’ll learn a lot about what people want and what’s really Denver culture.”

Support from Gates Family Foundation and the Colorado Health Foundation is helping to get the project off the ground.

The 5280 Loop